Securing of vehicles/loads/ train/locomotives at station/yard,mid-section,Engg. sidings & Pvt. sidings.


Securing of vehicles/loads/train/locomotives at station/yard, mid-section,Engg. sidings & pvt. sidings

            Consequent upon recent rolling down of loads/rakes followed by derailment in Indian Railways ,securing of vehicles/loads/train/locomotives at yard/stations mid-section is very essential and necessary from the safety point of view. Sometimes staff are not securing the stable vehicles/load/train/locomotives as per the extant rule.Non- securing of vehicles cause rolling down and leads to accidents. 

1)Action by station master/traffic staff when vehicles/loads/train/locomotives to be stabled at                 station/yard.

a) The vehicles/load/train be chained and padlocked using at least two chains,one at either ends.
b) At least four wooden wedges to be used, two each below the outermost pair of wheels.
c) Hand brakes of at least six(06) wagons from either end must be fully tightened.In case coaching vehicles are stabled,Guard's hand brakes in SLRS  must be applied in addition to Loco brake by LP .The hand brakes must be operated under the personal supervision of the Guard and in absence of Guard, the duties of guard devolve on assistant loco pilot.
d) The vehicle of stabled load/train should be coupled together ,In case the stabled load has to be split for any reason,each such split part should be treated as a separate load for the purpose of securing.
e) The points must be set & locked properly against the blocked line towards dead end or trap point (if available)
f) Stop collars must be placed on relevant signal and point buttons/slides/levers etc.
g) Remarks should be made in TSR and or SM diary in red ink to effect that " LINE NO----is blocked and all precautions for securing the load have been taken."
h) After any load/train/loco is stabled, the station master must inform the section controller supported by private number that all laid down precautions for stabling and securing the loads/train/loco has been taken.
2) Additional precautions to be taken while stabling vehicles/load/train at a station with gradient of 1 in 400 or steeper may have been prescribed under approved special instructions (by CRS) and mentioned in SWR of respective station.These should be followed scrupulously.In addition, following precautions must also be observed over and above those prescribed under approved special instruction:-
A) Before vehicles are uncoupled,the hand brakes should be applied,wooden wedges/skids should also be used to prevent vehicles from rolling down.
B) As far as possible, the vehicles/load train should be stabled on a line which is isolated from other lines, particularly running lines.

3) Action by Loco pilot/Assistant loco pilot before leaving the Locos,In case load/train is stabled with locomotive attached or light Engines is/are shut down or stabled ;- 
a)  Application of both SA-9 and parking brakes.
b)  Application of hand brakes and parking brakes.
c)  Securing the loco with wooden wedges provided on the loco.
4) a) Loco pilot while on duty should not leave the loco unmanned.In case he is required to leave the locomotive unmanned, he should do so only after receiving written authority from the station master and ensuring 3(a)(b) &(c) above.
b) Before leaving the station/yard, the Loco pilot and Guard should jointly record in a register to be maintained with station master that the load & loco have been secured as prescribed above.( Stable load Register)
c) If MR Pressure starts dropping while train is stationary, Loco pilot has to secure the loco with wooden wedges.Since MR pressure can not be noticed by Guard as there is no such gauge in SLR unlike engine therefore ,the LP  shall immediately inform the Guard regarding MR dropping & there after the Guard will secure the train with wedges in the last vehicle.

5) Action  to be taken  loco pilot /Assistant loco pilot  & Guard when the train is stalled in block section due to accident,failure ,obstruction or any other reason:-
a) Loco pilot /Assistant loco pilot & Guard  should protect the rail as per provision of  GR 6.03.
b) The train should be secured by applying loco brakes (SA-9/A-9 & hand brakes) & & hand brakes of at least 06 wagons at either end of the train. The hand brake should be operated by ALP  from leading end & by Guard from the rear end.In case train worked without GUARD ,the duties of guard devolve on the ALP. In case of coaching train the Guard should apply hand brakes of the SLR in addition to the application of loco brakes by the loco pilot.

6) Securing of vehicles on lines handed over to Engineering /RE Department For their exclusive use:-
     p.way /RE supervisor shall personally secure the vehicles as mentioned with their own equipments viz chains,padlocks & skids.
7) As per OM 22.07 the vehicles /rakes stabled at sidings either for loading/unloading should be properly secured by siding authority.All  precautionary measures to be taken to arrest rolling down of vehicles.
8) Station staff, guard, crew & section controller should be aware of gradients at stations/yards/sidings and block sections.

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